Megamaster Beechwood Saw Dust

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Let your tastebuds tingle with our Megamaster Beechwood Sawdust. For even more intense smoky flavour, sawdust creates much more smoke than regular wood chips and burns at a slower rate. Sawdust doesn't heat up as high as wood chips, providing consistent smoke for cold or hot smoking. Ideal for the foodies that has mastered the art of smoking with wood chips. It is very versatile to use with almost any ingredient, and will infuse it with woody, earthy undertones.


  • Intense smoky flavour.
  • Creates more smoke than wood chips.
  • Burns at a slower rate.
  • Contains no additives, only pure 100% wood.
  • Use with vegetables, baked goods, pork, lamb, fish, beef, and chicken.

Delivery Lead Time: ± 5 - 7 Business days.

Dimensions: 18 cm (L) x 10.8 cm (W) x 27.5 cm (H)

Weight: 400 g

Barcode: 6009897133833