Exchange and Refund Policy

This Exchange and Refund Policy regulates the extent to which you may cancel your purchases made on the website and be refunded therefore, either before or after having received the product, as well as what your remedies are if the product you received is defective. It also explains the process you need to follow in order to properly cancel a purchase, report a defect, arrange for a return, etc. You are not entitled to any refund, repair or replacement save to the extent that it is expressly provided for under this Exchange and Refund Policy or if the seller of the product (be it Megamaster or a Marketplace Seller), in its sole discretion and without being obliged thereto, chooses to give you a refund, repair or replacement.


Early Cancellations:

Subject to the exceptions listed below, you are entitled to cancel (either in whole or in part) any purchase without attracting any cancellation and/or administration charge if you cancel prior to the packaging of the products so purchased. If timeously cancelled as aforesaid, you will be fully refunded in respect of such cancelled purchase (including delivery charges), without any administrative or other charge being payable provided that, should a sale only be partially cancelled and delivery charges as re-calculated on the value of the revised order exceed the delivery charges as calculated on the original order, you shall be liable for the amount of such excess delivery charges.

Late Delivery and Stock Shortages:

If a product you have purchased is not delivered within the agreed delivery period (or where no specific period was agreed, within 30 days after having purchased the product) you are entitled to cancel such purchase on 7 days’ notice to the seller of such product. Should a product that you’ve ordered be out of stock, the seller thereof will notify you thereof, whereupon:

  • In the event of a temporary out-of-stock situation, you shall be entitled either to cancel the order and be fully refunded, or to maintain the sale subject to a later delivery date as may be agreed;
  • In the event of a permanent out-of-stock situation, you shall be entitled to be fully refunded.

In being ‘fully refunded’ as aforesaid, you will be refunded the relevant purchase price and delivery charges, without having to pay any administrative or other charge.

Incorrect Product Delivered:

If the incorrect product is delivered to you (i.e., it is not the product you purchased), please do not remove the product from its original packaging, open or use the product in any way. Please promptly contact the seller thereof, Megamaster, so that the seller can resolve the mistake by arranging to collect such product from you and deliver the correct product to you, as quickly as possible.

Non-defective Products:

Save for certain exceptions (as listed below), you are entitled, after your receipt of a product purchased by you, to cancel that purchase within the relevant cool-off period specified below, and to obtain a full purchase price refund, subject to being charged by the seller thereof for the return of the product.

Cool-off Period:
 Products purchased from Megamaster may be returned within 7 days of delivery.

Conditions of return:

  • The item is returned within 7 days from its date of delivery
  • Your original Megamaster invoice (receipt) is produced with the returned item 
  • The item is in its original, saleable condition
  • The item is in an unworn, unopened and unused state
  • A completed return form accompanies your returned item(s)
  • The item is in its original packaging


If you are not able to comply with these conditions, Megamaster reserves the right to refuse an exchange or refund on change-of-mind items. Megamaster will not accept a bank statement as proof of purchase.


Please note that, should you wish to return a non-defective product during the 7-day cool-off period, the return shipping costs will be for your own account.


Defective Products:

General Rule:  If, within 6 months after delivery of a product:

  • You find that the product is defective/faulty, or unsuitable for the purpose for which it was indicated in the product description (or otherwise generally intended), or not legal, or not reasonably durable (based on circumstances and product type) (hereinafter referred to as being “Defective”), and
  • You return such product to the seller in good condition, and
  • The product is subsequently found – to indeed be Defective, you are entitled to either: (a) have the product repaired or replaced at the seller’s expense, or (b) be fully refunded.
  • If the product is subsequently found – NOT to be Defective, you will not be entitled to any refund, or free replacement or repair, and you may be liable for the costs incurred in having such product collected from and returned back to you.

When is the product 'defective'?

Please note that the following issues/problems will not render the product damaged, defective or unsuitable as aforesaid and will not entitle you to any repair, replacement or refund:

  • Faults resulting from normal wear and tear;
  • An instance where you, or someone unauthorised to do so by the seller, has altered, repaired or damaged the product (via misuse or abuse)

Important:  You should refuse to accept delivery of any product that is visibly damaged, and if you only discover the damage after the courier has left (e.g., a cracked glass panel), then you must report it to the seller as soon as possible and within 48 hours. If only reported after 48 hours, it is reasonable for the seller to determine that the damage was caused post-delivery.


Purchases from Megamaster:


If you wish to return any item(s) you have purchased, you can return the item(s) via courier or in person to our warehouse (only) within 30 days from the date of purchase. 

We encourage you to return your parcel via Value Express courier services, as all returned parcels remain the responsibility of the purchaser until received by Megamaster.

If you want to return a product you have purchased from Megamaster for any reason permitted under this Exchange and Refund Policy, you must in all instances first notify Megamaster thereof to inform us of the reason for your return by contacting us via the online functionality for initiating a return in your account, or via email;; or via our call centre at:  +27 (0)12 802 1515.

Aforesaid RA Number must be accurately reflected in/on the parcel.


  • To obtain a refund, please fill out the Return Request (RMA) form that can be obtained from prior to sending the item(s) back.
  • After you have submitted your return request to, one of our friendly staff members will contact you to confirm arrangements.
  • Once you have sent your item(s) back to our warehouse, our warehouse will authorise the refund.

Before sending, please ensure all details on this form are correct. You will also need to include the Return Request with your parcel. You will be notified of the status of your exchange or refund via email.

Please note that cash refunds will not be provided under any circumstances and that the standard R100 delivery fee is non-refundable.