1000 Deluxe Patio Freestanding Charcoal Braai

R 3,499.00

The 1000 Deluxe Patio Braai is equipped with an ember maker which makes it an ideal charcoal braai for any braai occasion. Equipped with a three tier adjustable grid and potjie hook to make anything from a steak to pot bread. Cleaning is made easier with a removable ashtray.

Type: Charcoal


  • 3-Tier Adjustable Grid
  • Ember Maker
  • Ash Tray
  • Potjie Hook

COOKING AREA:  725 mm x 400 mm

LEAD TIME:   ± 5 Business Days

(Locally produced products may have to be put into production, which might extend the lead time by a few days.)

Type: Charcoal & Wood 


  • 129 x 45 x 106 cm

Primary Cooking Area: 

  • 2 900 cm2

Barcode: 6009665582016

Warranty: 1 Year