It’s no secret that Jan Braai loves braaiing on wood, and so our 1000 Deluxe Patio Braai is a popular one in Matjiesvlei. This is one of our signature freestanding braais that’s big enough for the whole family and has a few features! Because, what’s a braai without cool features?

Not only can you adjust the height of your grid, but you can also make extra coals in the ember maker for big get-togethers. Show the fam that you can multitask by using your potjie hook for a delicious potjie to simmer away while you braai roosterkoek on the grid.

These are some of our favourite recipes Jan Braai made on our Deluxe:

Putu Pap

Putu pap

There are two types of people in the world, the people who will eat their pap with sheba or even a fried egg on top; or the people who will eat their pap after the meal with butter, milk, and sugar. Which one are you?

Braai Broodjies

Braai broodjies

It’s not a braai if there’s not braai broodjies, and what a controversial topic. To add chutney or not? Red onion or white onion? More than one cheese? Doesn’t really matter which side you’re on, as long as there’s braai broodjies on the table. Check out these three distinct flavour combinations:

Smoked chicken mayo braai broodjie

Better than your local restaurant, and you can make it yourself by smoking it in your Heritage Series Classic 570 Charcoal Braai, or one of our Coalsmith Series Smokers.

Greek Style

Greek style braai broodjie

Delicious flavours of olives, basil, and tomato. With this braai broodjie you don’t even have to make a green salad as another side dish, it’s already two-in-one done!

Traditional braai broodjie

Traditional braai broodjie

Jan Braai’s traditional braai broodjie of cheese, tomato, and onion. Always start with the cheese and then layer the rest. The cheese will act as a shield to prevent your bread from going soggy from the tomato juices.

Katemba potjie

Katemba potjie

Rich, hearty and warm. This potjie is not your usual meat and veg, Jan Braai says “In Southern Africa, especially in our neighbouring country of Namibia, there exists a strange yet common habit of mixing red wine with Coke and drinking that for pleasure. It’s called katemba and this phenomenon can also be experienced in other countries with similar climates to that of Namibia like Spain where it’s called kalimotxo. In this recipe I changed the coke to ginger ale and it works just as well! While you may frown upon this at first, the fact of the matter is that this is a flavour combination that works very well, especially in a potjie with the meat Namibia is famous for, beef! I like to use a cut like chuck steak for this meal as it has a lot of flavour, can stand up to cooking for a while, and the intramuscular fat means the meat does not dry out too much.”

Sausage rolls

Boerewors sausage rolls

This is taking a normal boerie roll up a notch, and much easier to eat and prepare. Just wrap each piece of boerewors in pastry, and bob’s your uncle.

Boerewors pasta

Boerewors pasta

This is an easy dish to prepare in the week for your family. Use Jan Braai’s boerewors for this creamy, cheesy, braaied pasta.

Watch Jan Braai every Saturday 18h30 on Kyknet channel 144, DSTV, for more braai tips, recipes and just the coolest things to do on our Megamaster Braais.