If a home had a heart, it would have to be the fireplace – that fiery centre of all things warm, snug, and cosy. But fireplaces come in all sorts, shapes and sizes. Built-in, freestanding, cast iron, closed combustion – how will you know which is the perfect fit for you? Your personal decor style might give you a few more clues than you realise. Read on to discover your decor personality, from Japandi to Friluftsliv, and which Megamaster fireplace is your match made in fireside heaven. 

Side note, once you’ve identified your match, find out what you need to know before buying a fireplace.


What Your Home Looks Like

“Minimalist to the max” is your motto, and your spirit animal is the monochrome panda. Your home is a neat, modern affair, its furnishings a perfect blend of clean designs from Japan and Scandinavia (yes, Japandi is a thing). A haven from the mishmash of colours and eclectic chaos of everyday life, your abode is furnished in tactile, natural materials like wood and hand-crafted ceramics – they add comfort and warmth without clutter.

Your Ideal Fireplace

Like your home, your fireside manner is elegant, modern and minimalist. The fewer trips to the woodshed for you, the better. That means a closed combustion fireplace, which burns slower, at a higher temperature, is the perfect fireplace for you. A closed combustion fireplace doesn’t require nearly as much feeding as an open fire would. Even better, lingering smokiness or sooty surfaces are horrors you’ll never have to deal with.

If your closed combustion fireplace also happens to be compact in design, with dedicated space for hiding away those imperfectly shaped logs of wood, it’s a match made in fireside heaven.

Your Megamaster Fireplace Match: Bosca Firepoint 380 Closed Combustion Fireplace

If you’re a Japandi, your perfect fireplace has to be a Bosca. World-famous for its innovative range of closed combustion fireplaces, this trusted brand’s wood-burning technology has, over the past 40 years, evolved to the point that it is now a world leader in combustion efficiency. 

Bosca also prides itself on its wide range of affordable, low-emission fireplaces that combine fuel efficiency with sleekly sophisticated European designs. With its modern, ergonomic design and handy wood-drying compartment, the Bosca Firepoint 380 Closed Combustion Fireplace (exclusive to Megamaster SA) could be the fireplace of your dreams.

Bosca Firepoint 380



What Your Home Looks Like

Farm life is calling, but until you can chuck it all in to live among the chickens and lambs, you’re kitting out your home as cosily as possible.

Your home is a shrine to all things romantic and nostalgic, harking back to days of yore when life was simpler and we lived in closer harmony with nature. Walking through your front door, one is instantly transported to the English countryside. Think pretty floral fabrics, plush, oversized sofas and photos of forebears in antique wooden frames. 

Your Ideal Fireplace

Without a fireplace blazing away in a corner, no house can ever be called a cottage, right?

As your quaint abode is crammed with sentimental bits and pieces, we think an ornate, Victorian-style cast-iron fireplace is your perfect match. Of course, a glass-doored window allowing you to enjoy the glorious sight of embers glowing away into the night is a non-negotiable, too.

As a die-hard cottagecore aficionado, you know only a fabulous fireplace that perfectly looks the vintage part will do. What’s more, your thrifty nature requires your ideal fireplace to not only be a gorgeous conversation piece, it also has to be fuel-efficient, giving both your wallet and our planet a well-deserved break.

To seal the deal, a cast-iron fireplace also comes out tops in the heat-retention department. It will keep your nest toasty long after the fire has gone out.

Your Megamaster Fireplace Match: Megamaster Andiron 14 KW Cast Iron Fireplace

With a retro feel, this fireplace not only looks the vintage part, it is also exclusive to Megamaster SA – with all the modern design features to make it a lean, mean, fuel-efficient machine.

A glass door with a swivel handle means it burns less wood while generating more heat. The best part? A removable ash pan makes cleaning this little beauty a breeze.

Megamaster Andante Cast Iron 14 KW Fireplace



What Your Home Looks Like

Your home doubles up as your workplace, so your needs are rather specific. Nothing too OTT or decorative for you, the Sleek #WorkFromHome Pro.

To earn a spot in your home-slash-workplace, your furnishings have to be stylish, functional, and easy to keep clean and tidy for meetings – or, heaven forbid, when a client pops by unannounced. You’re all about a bright, airy environment with plenty of natural light to make staring at screens just that little bit easier.

A selection of beautiful indoor plants brings Mother Nature to you while you’re busy bringing home the bacon inside. Clean lines and uncluttered spaces do away with anything that can distract you from getting the job done.

Your Ideal Fireplace 

Your perfect fireplace not only needs to look the professional part, it also has to warm up the entire space so efficiently that no client ever needs to put on their mittens mid-meeting.

For the WFH Pro, a freestanding fireplace is the only way to go. This type of fireplace offers flexibility with regards to where in the room you’d like to place it, and it radiates heat in all directions. This is a big advantage over the average built-in fireplace that sends out heat in one direction only.

When it comes to your perfect fireplace, safety in the form of a firescreen is non-negotiable. You put out enough figurative fires on a daily basis to have to deal with literal ones – ever.

Your Megamaster Fireplace Match: Megamaster 800 Atlin Freestanding Fireplace

Your perfect fireplace has to be the Megamaster 800 Atlin Freestanding Fireplace. It will speedily heat up your home/office in all directions, and comes complete with a built-in firescreen door, ensuring no spark or ember will ever be able to escape.

As your home is also your workspace, you not only need to keep it warm and cosy from early ‘til late, it also must remain clean and tidy with minimum effort. With its modern lines and contemporary design, the Megamaster 800 Atlin Freestanding Fireplace oozes style and simplicity. Efficient, safe and easy to clean, it’s bound to impress everyone who sets foot in your work-from-home space.

Megamaster 800 Atlin Freestanding Fireplace



What Your Home Looks Like

If there’s one word to describe your home, it’s “sanctuary”. Natural fabrics, colours and textures, plenty of candles, a sheepskin rug or two and an oversized bed full of cushions all combine to create your pocket of heaven.

Did you know there is a word to describe this glorious snugfest you happen to call home? The Danes refer to it as Hygge (pronounced “hoo-gah”) and it’s an aesthetic that’s all about wellness, visually embodied in neutral tones, tints and textures.

Total harmony is your objective and creating a hyggekrog (cosy corner), preferably with a toasty fire crackling away, is part of establishing a serene space that’s packed with peace. You might also like to stock up on a few key winter ingredients to warm you up on the inside too.

Your Ideal Fireplace

Your home is all about warmth and snugness, so your perfect fireplace will be built-in and open, radiating warmth and cosiness. For your plush, hygge-happy haven, you’ll want the kind of fireplace that keeps inviting you to toss yet another log on the fire as the night wears on.

Your Megamaster Fireplace Match: Kuna Built-in Fireplace 

Our Kuna Built-in Fireplace was created for spending quality time together, kicking back and cuddling up in front of a crackling fire. This durable, sturdy fireplace is simple to use and comes with a basket grate and ash pan for quick and easy cleaning.

Kuna Built-In Fireplace