750 Built-in Fireplace

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Megamaster 750 Built-in Fireplace makes for the perfect unit to make the warmth of togetherness even better! Includes a basket grate and ashpan for easy cleaning. Simple and easy to use with its simplistic yet beautiful design.


  • Basket grate and pan.
  • Ashtray and damper.


  • Fire screen.
  • Rotating cowl.
  • Flue pipes.

Delivery Lead Time:  ± 5 - 7 Business days.

Manufacturing Lead Time: ± 15 - 20 Business days.

(Items produced locally, may have to be put into production which can extend the lead time by a few days)


Type: Wood and charcoal

Dimensions: 82 cm L x 44.5 cm W x 100.5 cm H

Area coverage: 35 - 45 m²

Flue size: 30 cm L x 23 cm W

Weight: 70 Kg

Barcode: 6009665580081

Warranty: 5 Years