Want a break from braaing the same old chops and wors every week? Have you been avoiding trying new things, like different ways to braai fish, because it’s just too complicated? We know how it goes – every time you invite the whole family around for a fish braai, every auntie wants their salmon or snoek braaied a different way.

Well, here’s the good news. Our new Megamaster Apex Series 4 Burner Evolution Patio Gas Braai with Searing Side Burner can satisfy all the aunties in one go. Here’s how...

Megamaster Evolution Patio Gas Braai

The New 4 Burner Evolution Offers Versatile Ways to Braai Fish

Nothing beats the ambience and smell of wood smoke wafting through the afternoon air, but when it comes to experimenting with different cooking methods, a gas braai offers more versatility than a fire. (You can always crank up your boma too for late afternoon socialising.)

The Megamaster Apex Series 4 Burner Evolution Patio Gas Braai with Searing Side Burner takes gas braaing to a whole new level. It offers heat plates that allow you to experiment with four different cooking methods, giving you far more flexibility in what you can braai.

Four stainless steel main burners power the huge cooking area, so you can bake, broil, smoke or sear your food. The built-in thermometer ensures hassle-free temperature regulation, and the upper-level warming rack keeps everything toasty while you finish cooking. There’s no fussing with matches in coastal or seasonal winds thanks to the battery-operated electronic ignition, that fires up the burners in an instant.

Thanks to these awesome features, the 4 Burner Evolution’s got DIBS (Direct Cooking, Indirect Cooking, Baking and Broiling, Smoking) on keeping all your guests happy.

Here’s how to get the most out of braaing fish on the 4-Burner Evolution.

1. Braaing Fish with Direct Cooking

Cooking fish on a braai with direct heat can be a little intimidating, but it needn’t be when you follow these simple guidelines.

Unless you’ve been catching and cleaning fish since pa fell off the bus, it’s best to buy a scaled and gutted fish for your first direct cooking experience.

Pre-heat your 4 Burner Evolution to medium heat (about 200°C) and get started by scoring the fish at an angle every two to three centimetres. This helps ensure even cooking.

Brush the fish with some olive oil, then place your fish on the braai. You should cook it for 7 to 12 minutes per side, depending on how thick it is.

You can turn your fish using a fish spatula (which is elongated and slotted) or two normal spatulas. You’ll know when it’s ready to turn because it won’t stick to the braai when you try to lift it. A fish grid makes the whole process super easy.

When you think the fish is almost ready, press down lightly on the flesh with the back of a spoon. If it seems slightly flaky, it’s good to go. Let your fish rest for a few minutes before you serve it.

Once you’ve mastered this simple method, you can take it to the next level with this yummy seafood feast.

2. Braaing Fish with Indirect Cooking

For very fragile fish fillets, indirect cooking works best. When you use this technique on a traditional braai, it involves a lot of fiddling with temperatures by moving the coals around.

With the Evolution gas braai, it’s easy to master this technique by placing the heat plates under the braai grid, above the burners.

You can follow the above instructions for direct cooking, except you’ll close the lid while the fish is cooking. This ensures it cooks evenly all the way through.

If you’re cooking other items with direct heat at the same time, you can simply use the plates under one part of the braai only, or try this recipe.

fish on the braai

3. Baking and Broiling Fish on the Braai

When you want to use your 4 Burner Evolution Patio Gas Braai for baking and broiling, you’ll place your heat plates above the grids and continue as if you were cooking it on a frying pan on your stove. The difference is that the unique heat plates create a slower, more even cook by diverting the direct heat.

The best way to bake fish is by creating a foil parcel with your fish and all your different seasonings. This method ensures the flavours all meld together as the fish steams in its own juices. Even if you don’t opt to use foil, another bonus of placing the heat plates above the grid is that they ensure your fish won’t fall through.

Serve with all your favourite side dishes and some freshly baked braai bread.

fish on the braai

4. Smoking Fish on the Braai

Place the heat plate upside down under the grid and fill it with soaked wood chips of your choice. The heat will cause your chips to smoke and infuse a wonderful smoky flavour into your fish.

As a starting point, check out our Smoked Fish recipe. Prepare your fish by seasoning it with our desired ingredients, place it on the braai and close the lid of your Evolution. Be sure to leave the top of your braai closed for the full recommended cooking time. If you do peek, you'll disrupt the temperature and prolong the cooking time.

Megamaster Evolution Patio Gas Braai

Braaing is a Breeze With the Megamaster 4 Burner Evolution Patio Gas Braai

Now you can braai fish with confidence no matter who’s coming around for the occasion, so skip the meat counter the next time you go shopping and try something different. It’s so much easier to master these different ways to braai fish when you have the right tools. 

Check out the Megamaster Apex Series 4 Burner Evolution Patio Gas Braai with Searing Side Burner here.