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The Ultimate Winter Accessory List

Winter has well and truly set in and to keep things in tip-top toasty condition around the house, we've put together a [hot] list of must-have tools or great gift ideas. Read on to find out how to keep you or someone you care about snug indoors during the chilly months ahead.



Home is Where the Heart is

Nothing makes a home feel cosier than a crackling fireplace. Take a fireplace from shabby to chic with a housewarming gift like a Fire screen. Standard Toolset or the 3 in 1 Tool Set. They’re made from quality mild steel construction and a heat-resistant black powder coating. Be assured, this will be the gift that keeps on giving for years to come.


Buckets of Style

Don't let your cosy night by the fireplace be ruined by a messy stack of wood. Ensure sophistication and order in your living room with our stylish and innovative Log Bucket


Megamaster Fireplaces


Box loads of Burnables

And if your fireplace gets used so often you can’t seem to stack enough wood inside and keep it together, we have the log box, sure to keep your fireplace roaring well into the night. 

Keeping your fireplace in order during winter is the best way to get the most out of it. And when you’re enjoying those perfect moments around a pristine fireplace with family and friends you’ll be glad you and Megamaster accessories brought it all together. Megamaster. Together, Made Better.
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