The Top tips on what to do and what not to do, from our own Pitmaster Alan

Getting ready for a celebration this weekend? If you want to wow some friends with your smoked tasty meals, smouldering with our Smokers will be the best decision you have ever made..

 We've compiled some tips on what to do and what not to do from our own Pitmaster Alan Bush Chef and owner of Kraalkombuis.  Fire it up this weekend with your friends and family with confidence.


  • There is only one major rule keep your heat low and slow cooking.
  • It is important to buy high quality meat for the most flavourful experience.
  • Mature beef will be your best buy.
  • To get the best smoke use only hardwood charcoal or good wood.
  • To keep the meat nice and juicy use an evaporation plate filled with flavoured water/beer/cider/juice etc with meat that dries quickly or has little internal fat. Place this tray of liquid in front of the meat and at the point where the heat comes out of the heat box.
  • If you would like to experiment with flavoured wood chips, make sure that they have been soaked in liquid before adding to your coals to get the best smoke. Alternatively, you can use wet bundles of herbs.  
  • Be creative and create your own spice rubs.
  • Smoke your meat halfway and then cover your meat with tin foil, let it rest, return it to the smoker an hour or two before serving.
  • The vents on the smoker chimney and on the side of the heat box are your friends so use them, the smaller the gaps the less air and cooler the fire. Play around until you're confident with your heat control.'
  • You can use your smoker as an oven as well, it's brilliant for roasted veggies and baking breads etc.
  • Remember the following go well together:
    • Rosemary, apple, cider etc goes well with pork.
    • Rosemary, white wine, Greek salad dressing and lemon juice go well with lamb.


  •  Don’t be afraid of trying to smoke meat. Smoking is for everyone.
  • Do not stop experimenting with different kinds of rubs, meats, veggies etc. 
  • Pork is one of those meat that is sometimes underrated. Try not to overcook it
  • Don’t use briquettes for this produces a chemical smell and will ruin your delicious smokey meal.
  • Don't place meat in the smoker until all firelighters have burnt away – for this produces a chemical smell as well.
  • Be careful not to overcook your seafood.

 With all these do’s and don’ts, you will definitely smoke up a storm.

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