Meet Alan, the Bush Chef and proud owner of Kraal Kombuis, a master in the art of smoking food. Whether its creating classic dishes infused with rich, smoky flavours or preparing entirely new recipes, he’s cooking expertise is truly phenomenal.

 It all began at a young age, Alan's passion for cooking began when he spent hours learning how to prepare a various range of dishes with his mother. His father with all the tricks outdoors; how to make a fire using just tomato boxes and newspaper as firelighters. “There is much time between 6 pm and 6 am”- said his dad, and this became one of Alan's guiding principles in life. Something to think about. When the sun sets, the night owls are on the hunt, and so can we. No matter the time of day, giving your best and doing what you can with what you have, is the foundation to his success.

In 2012, Alan’s dad, Ronnie Watson passed away. This is something we can all agree, we can’t prepare ourselves to lose someone we love. Although he’s not here anymore, the squabble in the kitchen about how to make potjie is the first thing that comes to mind when Alan lights it up. Now, 11 years later, he can smile in remembrance of his dad. Make him proud with his drive for success in the food industry.

Kraal Kombuis founded in 2021

Kraal Kombuis, founded in 2021 during the lockdown, one thing you need to know about Alan, is he doesn’t back down in times of trouble. Not even lockdown could keep him from following his passion. A time of uncertainty pushed him to start Kraal Kombuis, a pop-up restaurant specializing in smoking and braaied dishes. “And of course, how natural the fit for a braai-smoking guru than our Coalsmith Series. Yes, we’re baised, but even if we say so ourselves – bravo!”

Kraal Kombuis found their perfect fit with our Megamaster Alpha Grill and Smoker, and they haven't looked back since. Experimentation and practice led to the perfect method for creating incredibly tender and flavourful smoked meats. By perfectly balancing carefully selected spices and marinades with a 'low and slow' smoking technique, resulting in dishes that are rich, full-bodied, and undeniably impressive.

Delicious Smoked Brisket.

One of his specialties is a smoked brisket. A cut of meat that is super affordable, but to most, something difficult to cook so it’s not stringy and tough to eat. Imagine this, meat so tender you can pull out the bone without a knife and fork. So juicy, the fat drips from your fingers as you take a bite. Hungry? You’re welcome. Try it today

His story is a beautiful reflection of how passion and love for food can transform into a lifelong passion with perfecting one's craft. Who would have thought that the memory of making a fire with tomato boxes and newspaper snippets, would hold so much significance? It didn’t just represent togetherness around a fire but also the ability to create something great out of the simplest of things. And that from his Dad.

Alans hope continues

Even in the face of adversity there is always hope. His belief in himself and his ability to take chances, drove him towards success. He learned that with determination, perseverance and a positive outlook, the possibilities are endless. In a time of great loss, Alan's hope continued to grow, and now looking back at his journey, his Dad’s philosophy of grit. Of using simple things to teach the value of it. To never give up. That is what he as a father himself now, would like to inspire his own kids with.

 In loving memory of Ronnie Watson.