Our Top 5 Versatile Charcoal Braais

Your heart races as the match strikes, igniting the charcoal of our braai range. You inhale deeply, savouring the rich, smoky aroma that promises evenings filled with laughter and warmth wrapped in the golden glow of crackling fire. 

There's just something primal about the smoke, the sizzle, and the satisfaction of a charcoal braai. The desire to reconnect with the outdoors and create meals that are as memorable as the experience. But it's not all smoke and mirrors.  

The braai culture, deeply rooted in South African traditions, has implications beyond just a weekend pastime. It's about community, togetherness, and preserving cultural heritage.  

Let's keep the flames burning for future generations. Spark a change with our Charcoal Braai range. 

Have a look at our Top 5 most versatile charcoal braais. 

TheMegamaster Heritage Series Classic 570 Charcoal Braai

Have you ever dreamed of being the ultimate braai master, impressing everyone with your delicious backyard braai creations? If so, then the Megamaster Heritage Series Classic 570 Charcoal Braai might be the perfect tool for the job.

This braai is a marvel in outdoor cooking, with its quintessential kettle shape and efficient convection dome ensuring that your meat is cooked evenly and to perfection. It's incredibly versatile, allowing you to braai, bake, and smoke practically anything, from main courses to desserts.

So why not make it your new culinary companion and start your journey towards becoming the ultimate braai king or queen? 

The Megamaster 800 Mini Patio Braai

Allow us to introduce you to the supreme game-changer - the Megamaster 800 Mini Patio Braai! This compact yet mighty braai, specifically designed for smaller spaces, hails from a coveted lineage of expertly crafted, high-performance braais. Meant to impress and built to last, this little giant is all you need to redefine your braaiing skills.  

Imagine the aroma of sizzling steaks and the taste of fresh pot bread - all made possible in your very own small patio. The Megamaster 800 Mini Patio Braai is crafted to turn this dream into a reality. 

As the saying goes, great things often come in small packages.

The Megamaster Heritage Series 900 Stainless Steel Crossover Freestanding Braai

Are you ready to step into a new world of outdoor cooking with the Heritage Series 900? 

What primarily distinguishes this braai from the rest, what truly sets it apart is its fully adjustable grid heights that allow every individual, regardless of their cooking style or experience, to completely tailor and personalize your outdoor cooking experience.  

This exceptional braai impresses with its robust crossover design that ensures unmatched stability. Featuring convenient side access, it offers ease of use by eliminating the need for you to lift the grid every time you must attend to the coals. Add to these its adjustable grid heights that can be customized to cater to your individual cooking requirements, and you have an absolute winner on your hands. 

 This state-of-the-art braai promises to revolutionize your outdoor cooking experience. It's not just about getting the job done—it's about creating an elevated, seamless, and immersive experience that makes braaiing not just a task, but a joy.  

The1000 Deluxe Free Standing Charcoal Braai

With the 1000 Deluxe Patio Braai, that dream can now become a reality. This impressive piece of equipment transforms the way you cook outdoors, giving you a versatile cooking tool that's just as comfortable in your own backyard as it is at a grand family gathering. 

This state-of-the-art braai comes equipped with an ember maker for those smoky, intense flavours, a three-tier adjustable grid that caters to different cooking styles and preferences, and a potjie hook that makes it easier than ever to cook your signature stew. It's the ultimate tool for any braai occasion, designed to make every outdoor cooking experience a memorable one.  

A comprehensive study conducted by Consumer Reports highlighted that charcoal braais endowed with these specific features deliver a consistent level of heat and an unparalleled flavour that can't be replicated. Plus, the added benefit of a removable ashtray ensures that the post-braai cleanup is not a daunting task, but a breeze! It's a groundbreaker in the world of outdoor cooking. 

The Explorer Portable Charcoal Braai

Now, let me introduce you to the innovative - the Explorer Portable Charcoal Braai. This is no ordinary braai that you've known so far - it's your outdoor companion, your ally in exploring the great outdoors. Outfitted with detachable side shelves, this braai provides ample space to keep your favourite sauce, braai spice, and other essentials within arm's reach. Plus, its uniquely portable and compact design, complete with a convenient handle and a compact carry bag, ensures you can effortlessly take it along wherever your adventure-loving heart desires to go. 

Let’s embrace the outdoors, not just in style, but also in a manner that maximizes functionality, convenience, versatility and the overall enjoyment of our outdoor adventures. Here's to creating delicious memories in the heart of nature.