Ever find yourself struggling with the cumbersome task of lugging around a hefty, conventional charcoal braai to enjoy a delicious outdoor feast? Trust us, we know that the struggle is real, and it can dampen the joy of outdoor cooking. 

Step in and say hello to the Explorer Portable Charcoal Braai.  

This game-changer is not only compact but also convenient and easy to carry around in a small bag. With this in your possession, you can say goodbye to all the unnecessary hassle. 

Are you tired of juggling your sauce, spice, and everything nice while cooking outdoors? Well, our braai has got you covered with a detachable side shelf designed for your convenience. And to top it off, it comes with a handy rear handle, making moving it around an absolute breeze, no matter your location.

Numerous research studies have shown that outdoor cooking significantly enhances bonding with friends and family, creating irreplaceable memories under the open sky. Our Explorer Portable Charcoal Braai is designed to amplify that experience, making it even better and more unforgettable.   

So why wait? Grab yours today, and let's embark on a journey towards sparking up some incredible adventures together! Your outdoor meals are about to get a major upgrade. 


We have some recipes waiting to be explored on your new portable braai. Get ready to start braaiing!

Parmesan Corn Ribs on the Braai


Chicken Giblet Kebabs with Veggie Parcels

Jan Braai;s Boerewors Sausage Roll


Embrace the freedom of the Explorer's portability, yet relish in the familiarity of that classic, charcoal taste. Your outdoor feast just got exciting.