Let’s be honest, if you’re reading this blog then you are 100% a foodie. You either have or really want a Rotisserie Kit, you’ve looked at new recipes and this thought has crossed your mind “it can’t be that difficult”.  We love our Rotisserie Kits. We’re biased no doubt, but it is really a versatile accessory to a patio gas braai. There’s so many dishes you can make, new techniques you can try and just take braai to a whole new level.

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What makes a rotisserie kit the next best thing?

A rotisserie refers to a piece of equipment that slowly rotates meat around slowly to cook it. You get different types of rotisserie’s as big as a spit for a whole lamb or pig.

The muscle fibers of the meat break down very well during a slow cook for a super juicy, tender and ‘fall apart’ result.

Our rotisserie kits are specifically made for our patio gas braais.

Which rotisserie kit to buy?

We have two rotisserie kits available that will fit on any of our patio gas braais. Depending on the size of braai you have, you need a specific rotisserie kit. The main reason is the length of the shaft of the rotisserie and the size of the firebox of your braai. If you buy the wrong size, the kit might not fit on your braai.

How to install your rotisserie kit?

Unboxing your rotisserie kit for the first time, you’ll find the following included in the box:

        • 1x shaft
        • 2x forks
        • 1x tightening nut
        • 1x motor
        • 2x brackets
        • Screws
        • 1x Endcap

Rotisserie kit

You’ll need two D1.5V batteries for the motor that isn’t included in the box. You can buy these from any supermarket or hardware store.

Use this manual to assemble your rotisserie kit. Remember to be mindful of the height of your brackets before you tighten the screws. If you place your brackets too high, the lid of your braai won’t close. Measure and test it first.

Naqiyah Mayat’s Harissa chicken roast recipe

A full Sunday roast with chicken, rice, potatoes and veg! Everything prepared on your braai, with the hero of harissa chicken on your rotisserie.

Check it out here.

Trouble shooting

Is something wrong with your rotisserie kit? Check out our frequently asked questions here to help. If it still doesn’t solve the problem, please let us know so we can get you braaiing asap! 


    • Place a roasting tray underneath the meat on your rotisserie. This will catch the juices of the meat while it is cooking, to use later as the base for a sauce.
    • If your roasting tray is too high, cut down the sides or use a flat baking tray.
    • Always close the lid of your braai while the meat is cooking. This will create a convection for even heat distribution around the meat.
    • Slow and steady wins the race. If you’re pressed for time, the rotisserie is not the way to go.
    • Always remove the batteries after use.
    • Bigger pieces of meat will catch on the roasting tray or grid. Try to cut it a bit smaller or tie with twine to be nice and snug.