How exciting is this, international rugby coming up and you can watch the game live, at the stadium! It’s been two years since we’ve seen a pavilion with every seat filled on the rugby field. People cheering for our Boys and enjoying the sport without a worry in the world. We’re getting back to normal again and what better way than to celebrate something we know and love as South Africans – rugby and braai!  

We’ve got a full 6 months ahead of rugby, cricket, golf, tennis, and more! And no, you can’t just go for the basic biltong and drinks as snacks every single time you and your mates watch. We’ve put a lot of thought into this, what will make the best sports braai snacks ever? First up there’s a very important question you need to ask yourself; do you want a quick and easy solution to snacks? Or do you want gourmet foodie snacks?

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Whichever one you are, we’ve got you covered with a snack-platter that will make your guests go back for more. You can even create an entire meal out of your snacks platter and turn it into a braai tapas platter, read more here.

Quick and easy braai snacks

  • Chips

A staple at any braai; is chip and dip.

  1. Using freshly sliced raw chips, skewer 5-7 on a cocktail stick.
  2. Spray or brush with olive oil and sprinkle with your favourite chips spice.
  3. Braai for 8-12 minutes till crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.
  4. Remove them from the skewer and serve with a chilli-mayo dipping sauce.

Top tip, still want your normal crisp chips on the snack table? Save dishes by folding in the bottom corners of the bag to make the bag stand by itself.

  • Breadsticks


    1. Slice a sheet of puff pastry into thin, long strips.
    2. Using three strips at a time, spray them with oil and roll them in your choice of spices.
    3. Press the ends together and braid/ twist the strips.
    4. Braai for 5-8 minutes, turning once or twice till golden brown.
    5. Serve with cheese sauce sprinkled with a dash of chilli flakes.

    Gourmet foodie braai snacks

    • Mushrooms & dip

    mushrooms on a skewer

      Who doesn’t love crumbed mushrooms? But so much effort to make! Our way is to skewer the mushrooms and baste them as you braai them. Easy and simple.

      1. Rub dirt off your mushrooms with a paper towel. Do not rinse.
      2. Slice 4-5 mushrooms in half per skewer; 1 skewer per person joining your braai.
      3. Braai them for 3-5 minutes, basting regularly with your favourite sauce like sweet chilli, chilli oil, garlic butter, etc.
      4. Remove them from the skewer and serve with delicious dipping sauce.
      • Braai broodjie bites

      Braai broodjie bites

        A favourite around any braai table, braai broodjies! We’re taking it up a notch by making small bite-sized braai broodjies with puff pastry.

        1. Cut your pastry into 5 cm blocks.
        2. Fill with a little cube of cheese, freshly diced salsa of tomato, onion, and herbs, and your choice of sauce.
        3. Securely close your pastry to make a little pastry ball.
        4. Braai for up to 10 minutes, turning regularly.
        5. Serve with sour cream.

        These bites can be a great DIY station too. Prepare the filling options before your guests arrive. Set it all out on the table so they can each make their own braai broodjie bites. DIY means braaiing your own bite too – may the best one win!

        • Braai broodjie rollies

        Braai broodjie rollies

          Think of a giant savoury swiss roll cut up into bite-size slices.

          1. Slice a full loaf of bread lengthwise, cutting off the crust sides first to use in the ‘inside’ slice. The less crust you have on your slice, the easier it will roll.
          2. Spread with butter, a thin layer of cream cheese, sliced jalapeños, grated gouda, and powdered biltong.
          3. Roll up tightly and secure with skewers.
          4. Braai for 8-12 minutes till golden brown and crispy on each edge. Turn regularly to avoid burning your roll.
          5. Slice into thin slices and serve.
          • Braaied brie cheese with fig crostini

          Brie cheese

            Grab your favourite gourmet cheese, pop it in a Quarter Potjie and braai for a few minutes for serious smoky flavour.

              Check out the full recipe here

              • Corn ribs

              Corn ribs

                Local foodie Nozipho Khumalo (a.k.a. The Novice Cook) created this recipe exclusively for us. Super easy to make, you can serve your corn ribs made right on the braai with delicious dipping sauces!

                Check out the full recipe here.

                There you have it, rugby braai snacks made easy! A lot has changed in the last two years, but one thing stayed the same. The moment we’re challenged as South Africans, we stand together, just like the Springboks. Whether around a braai or on the field. We are united when it comes to things that matter, like a snack platter.