Rotating Cowl and Base

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Megamaster's rotating cowls are designed to effectively eradicate the downdrought and backpuffing in your chimney or flue , as well as making sure no unwanted objects enter your chimney.

550/750 Built-in Braai & Fireplace Rotating Cowl:
  Outlet (230 x 300)

850/1000 Built-in Braai & Fireplace Rotating Cowl:
  Outlet (230 x 400)

1200 Built-in Braai Rotating Cowl:
  Outlet (230 x 600)

Delivery Lead Time:  ± 5-7 Business Days

Manufacturing Led Time: ± 10-14 Business Days

(Items produced locally, may have to be put into production which can extend the lead time by a few days.)


550/750: 44.5cm W x 37.6cm D x 63cm H
850/1000: 55.5cm W x 38cm D x 68.5cm H
1200:  48cm W x 64cm D x 95.5cm H

550/750: 600966558055
850/1000: 600966550265
1200:  6009665582556

Warranty:  1 Year