Bosca Firepoint 380 Closed Combustion Fireplace

R 26,999.00
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The Bosca Firepoint 380 offers a stylish design for your household whilst providing a high heat range. This closed combustion fireplace has a very long lifespan and is the most effective way to heat your home with 68% heat retention rate.


  • Modern design.
  • Closed combustion unit Ceramic plates.
  • Removable ashpan for easy and convenient cleaning. 
  • Glass door with safe and secure lock system.
  • Unique central air injection system.
  • Only has a top outlet.
  • Eco friendly.

Delivery Lead time: ± 5 - 7 Business days.

**For the Independent Installers List click here

Type: Wood (Do not use anthrocite)

Dimensions: 56.5 cm (L) x 54.6 cm (W) x 84.2 cm (H)

Weight: 87.2 Kg

Area coverage: 150 - 180 m²

Heat Output: 11 kW

Efficiency: 70%

Flue size: 150 mm stainless steel installation kit (not included)

Barcode: 6009880808441

Warranty: 5 Years