Bosca Limit 360 Closed Combustion Fireplace

R 23,999.00
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Simplicity is key with the Bosca Limit 360 Closed Combustion Fireplace. With its modern geometric design, the Bosca Limit is the ideal edition to effectively heat your home. The Bosca Limit 360 offers a hermetic closing system that ensures the doors are fully closed, so no fumes enter your household and all the heat is retained. Equipped with space to store wood in the bottom cavity and ideal to use to dry wood in that space whilst your fireplace is in use.


  • Modern design.
  • Closed combustion unit Ceramic plates.
  • Removable ashpan for easy and convenient cleaning. 
  • Glass door with safe and secure lock system.
  • Unique central air injection system.
  • Only has a top outlet.
  • Eco friendly.

Delivery Lead time: ± 5 - 7 Business days.

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Type: Wood (Do not use anthrocite)

Dimensions: 42.1 cm (L) x 49.5 cm (W) x 75.7 cm (H)

Weight: 68.1 Kg

Area coverage: 90 – 150 m²

Heat Output: 9 kW

Efficiency: 71%

Flue size: 150 mm stainless steel installation kit (not included)

Barcode: 7809554202549

Warranty: 5 Years