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Megamaster's ash pans are great for collecting the fire ash, for containment and easy disposal they will ensure that your home stays safe and clean. Available in different sizes to fit your buil-in braai.
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About The Product

The Megamaster ashpan is made from 2.9mm steel and is coated with heat resistant paint.




Product Specs

Dimension: Sizzler 1200 : 114x39x7 Sizzler 1000 : 94x39x7 Sizzler 750: 70x39x7 Combo 1500: 71x47x40 Spit 1500: 144x56.5x13 Spit 1200: 114x56.5x13 Combo 1200: 51x47x40 Deluxe 1500: 144x47x13 Deluxe 1200: 114x47x13 Standard 1000: 94x47x13 Standard 750: 70x47x13