On the 7th of October Megamaster brought Danie Graber, winner of the #MegamasterScores Rugby world championship competition, together with three of his best friends, including his Dad, who lives on the other side of the country from him, in a mega rugby experience that none of them is likely to forget.

The gents met up with the Megamaster team over breakfast on Saturday morning in Cape Town. Danie’s breakfast was brought to him shaped into the same score that he entered to win the competition (the chef was in on our game)!

From there we whisked him and his friends off to Haven Point, the luxurious five-star guest house in Noordhoek where Megamaster had booked them in for the trip.

Here they were entertained by their personal Hostmaster for the trip, Barry Theron, one of our Megamaster brand ambassadors.
Barry took care of their every need and kept them entertained and well fed all day, braaiing up some delectable gourmet snacks on the Megamaster Fusion 600 Grill.

Danie even chipped in with his own favourite braai side recipe, a more-some biltong braai bread.

Danie and the guys thought good food, luxury digs and rugby was a pretty sweet deal, what they didn’t know is that Megamaster still had a few Mega surprises up our sleeves!

So, when the doorbell rang they were amazed to see Wim Meyer (ex-Blue Bulls wingman), Cornal Hendricks (SA Rugby Union wingman), and Gerrie Scheepers (Rugby commentator of SuperSport fame) walk through the door!

Together around the Megamaster grill, the guys braaied, shared stories, and even got into an arm wrestling match (Cornal won)!

The icing on the cake was when Wim and Cornal presented Danie with a Springboks rugby jersey and a rugby ball which had been signed by the entire Springboks team. No prizes for guessing what Danie wore to the match!

In what seemed like the blink of an eye it was time to pile into the van and head off to Newlands for the big Springboks / All Blacks match. To make things even more fun, Gerrie Scheepers decided to stay with the group for the whole match! Who better to watch a Springboks game with than a famous South African commentator?

And what a nail-biting match it was! The boys in Green and Gold put up a solid fight and eventually lost to New Zealand by only one point.

Not even the Springboks loss could put a damper on the evening, though. For Danie, the most emotional part of the day was being able to share this incredible Mega experience with his dad.

What better way for a South African father and son to bond than over a Springboks match at Newlands, with great food and good friends at you side?

We’re glad you enjoyed your Megamaster Experience, Danie.

To see Danie's full Mega Experience follow this link: https://youtu.be/pO8ru3lAyLY

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