What is camping without fire and good food? It’s about being in nature, letting your thoughts drift away to anything it wants to. The stars, subtle wind through the trees, and the flames whispering stories in your ears. It’s about braaiing marshmallows with dried small twigs and making roosterkoek. It’s about forgetting technology, and just embracing the moment with the people around you.

While camping, cooking can either be a nuisance or something exciting. Whether you are the one that wants a quick 20min meal, or a 4-hour potjie, we’ve got you covered with our top camping recipes.

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  • Jan Braai’s Omelet
  • Robertson’s homemade roosterkoek
  • Lamb potjie
  • Beer can chicken
  • Baking powder bread
  • Jan Braai’s pasta potjie
  • Jan Braai’s boerewors sausage roll

Jan Braai’s Omelet

Everything but the kitchen sink, all in one pan. So easy to whip this up in the early morning hours before the outdoor activities of the day.

Top tip, if you have left over meat from the previous night, use that rather than the boerewors to not waste food.

See the recipe here.

Robertson’s homemade roosterkoek

Tasty homemade roosterkoek by Robertsons, flavoured with Robertsons Braai & Grill All-In-One and caramelised onions and drenched in an indulgent garlic and herb butter, these easy home-made roosterkoek will be a showstopper at your next braai. Best eaten piping hot, straight off the grid! 

See the recipe here.

Lamb potjie

There’s just something soothing about a pot slowly doing its thing, while the fam is playing cards or just chilling together. It’s relaxing, it will smell delicious and will give everyone something to do on a lazy afternoon.  

See the recipe here.

Beer can chicken

We would say this is the Saturday night meal. Something tasty, easy, but that takes longer than a roll of boerewors to braai. This will make you feel like you’re settling into your camp with the delicious aromas of roast braaied chicken in the air.

See the recipe here.

Baking powder bread

A side for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. One that you can even make 2 or 3 of at once, so there’s a snack if a member of the family gets hungry. Trust us, use this bread for a simple jam or peanutbutter sandwich – delicious!

See the recipe here.

Jan Braai’s pasta potjie

Another one pot wonder, that we would say is fit for the night you arrive at the camp site. It goes quick and is a hearty meal after everyone’s had a long day on the road. With a glass of wine around the fire, this pasta potjie will get everyone relaxed and ready for a lovely holiday.

See the recipe here.

Jan Braai’s boerewors sausage roll

This is taking a normal boerie roll up a notch, and much easier to eat and prepare. Just wrap each piece of boerewors in pastry, and bob’s your uncle. Easy lunch outdoors, even for a picnic.

See the recipe here.