It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  The prep of the upcoming family get togethers is serious business; deciding who will bring what, where will it be and most important, which meats are we cooking for the big day. However, with all the festivities and Christmas cheer, it can get quite expensive – even stressful to make sure everyone has a good time without breaking the bank.
We’ve put together our Christmas menu for under R2500 for 10 people. Think less waste, less nice-to-have but with all the flavour with a little extra planning.


The menu for Christmas weekend


Shopping list

Each of the ingredients have been calculated for the total you will use for the weekend menu. Some items you will have extras left that you can keep in your pantry for another occasion like the honey or balsamic glaze. All items refer to a small bottle or tub size, unless otherwise specified.

Christmas Menu

Christmas Menu shopping list


24 December, Christmas eve.

The festivities start, everyone’s excited for Christmas the following day, but let’s be honest – it’s usually a scramble to wrap the last of the gifts. We want easy meals to buy the most time for the last preparations. Our theme for the day, Jan Braai for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

25 December, Christmas

Merry Christmas all around, the happiest day on earth is here! We’ve got a loaded day planned for you and the fam! Make sure to wake everyone up with Christmas music in the background, and a fresh pot of coffee on the table. We want to make sure to have less waste this festive season, so today we’re going to use some leftovers as well.
  • Breakfast: Built-your-own gourmet sandwich with freshly baked sourdough bread. Dish up the leftovers from yesterday in small bowls to look like a braai tapas table. Add the apricot jam, butter, and honey on the table too for those that want a sweet option.
  • Lunch: In South Africa, we’re all about generosity on Christmas Day. Think many meats, side dishes and desserts. Our suggestion is only one protein, with a few sides.
Starters: Braaied crostini with brie or camembert cheese and fresh figs
Mains: Honey glazed gammon with braaied Brussel sprouts and flipped potato bake
Dessert: Date and pecan nut pudding
  • Dinner: Leftovers, leftovers, leftovers. Usually everyone eats too much on Christmas Day, so our suggestion is to invite everyone for a small bite of leftovers the evening instead of making a whole new meal.

26 December, Family Day

Start of the day with a hearty breakfast that will ‘get rid’ of any of the last leftovers you have. Shakshuka is a ‘everything-but-the-kitchen-sink’ type of breakfast with eggs. You can follow the recipe exactly, or you can cut up the leftover meats in small pieces and add the eggs. Aim for this meal around 10/11am to rather be brunch. You can then stretch your lunch to the late afternoon or early dinner.