Braaiing is one of the simplest, and thus one of the best ways to connect with family and friends over great food. And as with all popular past times, people are continually looking for ways to improve it with new gadgets and accessories. At Megamaster, we craft quality, versatile and handy braaiing tools, and cookware, so you don't have to keep updating and replacing your collection.

Below is our list of the hottest Megamaster accessories every braaier should have. What are you waiting for, read on!


Burgers are a braai staple, whether it's a weekend treat or a quick mid-week supper fixer-upper to keep the kids happy. Now, imagine crafting your very own, tasty burger patties filled with your favourite flavours. Use the Megamaster Patty Press to create delicious stuffed patties. Our favourite flavour combo is macaroni & cheese with bacon, tomato, basil and mozzarella.

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This high-quality pan allows you to braai vegetables or any other smaller ingredients you risk losing falling through the braai grid. The stainless steel pan is perfect on gas or charcoal braais, and also for serving. If you plan on serving in it, lay it on a wooden chopping board to block the holes and protect other surfaces. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe.

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Use this nifty tool to baste your meat while on the braai, it will change your life, we're not kidding. The heat resistant, silicone bristles are easy to clean after use, and the stainless steel bowl comes with precise measurements to mix up sauces and ingredients fireside.

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Turn your braai grid into a flat-top with the 2 Piece Non-Stick Braai Mat, ideal when you want to braai smaller cuts of meat, bacon, eggs, patties, seafood or veggies. The mat keeps food from falling through the grid. Use the Megamaster Braai Mat on gas or charcoal, safe up to 300ºC, but avoid open, naked flames. Rinse with soap and water before every use and don’t handle or store when hot. Once your mat is thoroughly cleaned store it somewhere cool and dry.

Bonus: it protects your grid, and on a gas braai it saves your flame tamers and burners from food drippings keeping your braai clean.

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Who hasn't experienced the struggles of starting the braai late and you end up fumbling around in the dark? No braaier wants to hold a flashlight when they could be a holding a beer instead. The Magnetic LED Braai Lights easily attaches to your tongs or your braai, making it easier to braai, cheers, chat and see what you're cooking clearly.

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The 360 Rectangular Chargriller lives up to its name by being suitable to use on any heat source, even open flames. This is one handy pan that retains heat for even cooking while giving your meat those perfect sear marks. This cast iron pan is durable enough to outlast all other cookware with the proper care. Avoid using metal utensils that could damage the coating. Always wash, dry and coat the inside with cooking oil after use.

Bonus: the handle is foldable for easy storage.

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Roast your very own rotisserie chicken at home. It's that easy with our Megamaster Rotisserie Kit. It fits on any 3 to 4 Burner Megamaster Gas Braai and is available in a size suitable for any 5 to 6 Burner Megamaster Gas Braai. The motor allows you to sit back and relax while your roast gently cooks from all sides. Don't forget to place a roasting tray under the meat so you can save all the delicious drippings for a sauce later. Try it with a whole chicken, lamb, pork or beef roasts.

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Our Megamaster Degreaser easily removes grease or food from your grid, steel and stainless steel surfaces, cast iron plates, and porcelain enamel. Simply spray on your grid or surface and leave for up to 6 minutes then use a cleaning brush or tough kitchen sponge to loosen the grease. Always rinse your grid or surface
thoroughly before use. Remember to keep out of reach of children and store in a cool, dry place. Don't worry, it is food safe and environmentally friendly. Not suitable for use on aluminium.

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We all want healthier, more succulent meat. A quick and easy way to achieve such results is to use an Open Flame Grid Stand to 'indirectly cook' your meat. We love braaiing 'stand-up-ribs' with this innovative tool. Want to know when your ribs are ready? The amount of drippings from the meat is a good indicator; no drippings means it's well done and crispy.

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Every serious braaier needs a quality meat thermometer. Our vintage-inspired Megamaster Stainless Steel Meat Thermometer is accurate, easy to clean and even tells you the ideal cooking times for different types of meat.

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Shop these hot Megamaster products now and go forth and conquer your next braai. You don't even need to thank us.