Introducing our Megamaster Inferno Series Patio Gas Braais

Are you in the mood for a delicious culinary adventure? Look no further than our amazing Inferno Braais! With their even heat distribution, you'll be cooking up perfectly braaied meats and veggies in no time. They're so easy to clean, you won't even break a sweat!  

Let’s get into detail…

Megamaster Inferno Series 2 Burner Patio Gas

Ready to ignite your cooking passion?

The Megamaster Inferno Series 2 Burner Patio Gas Braai is your perfect companion!

This versatile outdoor kitchen tool, with its black porcelain enamel-coated lid, not only adds flair but also promises durability. Its push-and-turn ignition system makes cooking easy and stylish. With 2 superior-quality stainless steel burners, you have ultimate heat control. Two spacious side shelves provide ample preparation space.  
When it's time to pack up or move, the heavy-duty wheels and built-in gas cylinder bracket make it easy. 

Megamaster Inferno Series 3 Burner Patio Gas

Think you can master the art of braai? Tap into your culinary creativity with the Megamaster

Inferno Series 3 Burner Patio Gas Braai!  


This sleek black porcelain beauty boasts a simple yet effective push-and-turn ignition, making it the perfect choice for beginners and experts alike.  

Three stainless steel burners guarantee accurate heat control, meaning you can braai everything from steak to veggies with ease and precision. And with two handy side shelves for prep, you will be whipping up mouthwatering meals in no time! Plus, moving and storing your gas cylinder is a breeze thanks to the sturdy bracket.


So why wait? Ignite your passion for outdoor cooking and become the braai master you've always envisioned yourself to be. The Megamaster Inferno Series 2& 3 Burner Patio Gas Braai is here to transform your culinary journey! 

Order yours NOW and let the symphony of flavours ignite your palate!