There is no right time or place when it comes to busting a move - especially when the music is good, and your confidence is at peak levels. And we’re here to help save you from looking like you’ve lost control of your own body. We’re giving you the top moves for the next time your favourite song urges you to get down at a braai while keeping your dignity intact.

Step It Up

Start with the basics, like the two-step, a move so classic it has been used in some form in every music video since the birth of MTV. It’s simple, start by stepping one foot in one direction then bringing your other foot to meet it. Do it again, this time in the opposite direction. Now, start getting into the groove and make use of your other limbs to add some flair.

Top Tip: Great footwear elevates this move, so sneaker up.

Classic Track: Ciara – ‘1, 2 Step’ ft. Missy Elliott

Heads Will Roll

Face it, if you are a living, breathing human you have nodded along to a song at least once in your life. Considered the easiest dance move of the modern era, it does come with some limitations. Think about it, can you bob your head to Frank Sinatra? Not really. Traditionally, nodding your head in time with music was reserved for slow beats, 90s hip hop, and every R&B classic. Then you get heavy metal where it was taken to breakneck extreme called headbanging.

The key is to join in on the fun, without committing your entire body. You’re going to want to start slow, easing into an up and down bob. Once you have that down, try going in different directions, left to right, or try to put some neck flourishes into it.

Top Tip: Click your neck before committing to this move.

Classic Track: Nirvana – ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’

Hips Don’t Lie

Imagine you’re hula hooping and a beat drops, that’s exactly what it feels like when you do a body roll. Think Shakira. But improvised. She made a career out of moving her hips so even a poor imitation will impress on the dancefloor. A slow start is encouraged before you go into a more vigorous body shuffle. Warming up is always a good idea before physical activity.

Imagine a hula hoop again, start by slowly rolling your body, starting from your chest and gradually moving down to your hips, then, once you’ve found your groove, start increasing your pace to match the beat.

Top Tip: Only attempt while standing upright.

Classic Track: Shakira – ‘Hips Don't Lie’