Ready to hit the road? Whether you're planning a backyard camping experience or a thrilling adventure trip, there's something exciting about preparing for a journey. 

We're here to help you pack your bags! We've curated our Top 10 must-have products that'll make your adventure easier, memorable, and fun.  

Remember, it's not where you go – it's who you travel with. So, why not travel with Megamaster? Trust us, you won't want to leave home without these essentials!

Top 10 Road Trip Essentials:

1. Let's Braai and make memories.

Craving that irresistible smell of a braaied vleisie for your trip? Your wish is our command! Introducing the powerful Megamaster Active Portable Gas Braaidesigned to be ready-to-go anytime. Suitable for a life onboard the caravan, camper or on any other road tripping adventure. It offers one stainless steel burner with 11 000 total BTU’s. Equipped with a durable porcelain enamel cooking grid, offering 1 817 cm2 of cooking space. The best part? Its foldable legs makes it portable and easy to transport. So, what are you waiting for? It's time to take your road trips to a whole new level!

2. Keep your meat in place.

The Megamaster 430x330 Stainless Steel Folding Grid is ideal for all types of braais, equipped with an extra-long handle, to ensure precise handling for that perfect ect sizzle. Imagine being in the bush, at a campsite, with your meat sizzling over a fire. Sounds perfect, right? Not only does it give you deliciously braaied meat, but it's also hygienic, easy to clean. Now that's convenience at its finest!

3. Adventure awaits around the fire.

Cold camp nights, huddling alone, wrapping yourself in a blanket, trying to fight off the cold is something of a past memory, with the introduction to our Megamaster Cedar Boma. This lightweight, compact cone of warmth will change everythingYou will find yourself surrounded by loved ones, sharing stories and laughter as the Cedar Boma emitted a cozy heat. go ahead, embrace the warmth, and start your adventure. 


4. Stew it up!

Cooking isn't about routine but exploration and creativity. The Megamaster No 3 Potjie can make anything fromdelicious stews to potjies and even fireside bread. Potjies are great for bringing over somecompany and having good food. Made from cast iron for even heat distribution, ideal for low-and slow cooks. Equipped with 3 cast iron legs and a well fitted lid. From culinary monotony to gastronomic exploration, all thanks to the Megamaster No 3 Potjie.


5. A comforting meal for any day.

Crafted for outdoor cooking, the Megamaster 260 Round Pan is a versatile pan that can be used for anything from whipping up quick sauce or flipping the perfect breakfastright on your braai, you do it in style. Made of cast iron, it retains heat effectively for longer. Its heat retention will take your cooking game to another level. The Megamaster 260 will not just change your food, but your whole outdoor cooking experience. So, equip your kitchen with Megamaster 260. It’s more than a pan, it’s a game-changer!

6. Only Freshly Baked Will Do.

There is nothing like the smell of freshly baked bread. The butter melts immediately, fusing with a sweet 'konfytjie'. The Megamaster Bread Pot is carefully crafted for baking delicious bread. Equipped with a raised lid to add coals on top of your pot during baking. The sturdy cast iron construction aids in even-heat distribution and longevity of your pot. This isn't just baking, it's a form of creativity. Life's too short for subpar bread! Bake, enjoy, and adore.

7. Get a grip on your meat.

Draai daai vleisie, braai daai vleisie…All your braai tools ready! Make your braai experience effortless with the Megamaster 8-in-1 braai set. Includes a basting brush, tong, fork, spatula, and stainless-steel skewers. The basting brush, ensuring each piece is generously coated in your secret sauce. The tong and fork, a dynamic duo dancing over the flames. The spatula, a seasoned performer flipping burgers with precision. a Braai isn't just a meal, it's an experience, a tradition. 

8. Stacking memories.

Be creative with your meat, take up the challenge, thread a skewer through juicy chunks of marinated chicken, bell peppers, and onions, a rainbow of flavours. Or for a sweet delight, marshmallows dipped in chocolate. The Megamaster 2-Piece Skewers are equipped with cool-grip wooden handles to reduce heat and a handy stainless-steel ring to remove ingredients. The classic flat skewer shape is easier to rotate and keeps the succulent pieces stay in place where they are staked. Perfect to create memories around the fire. To many selfie moments. Fire, food and smiles. 

9. Keep it Roasted.

Roast anything on your braai, or even in your oven, with the Megamaster Large Roasting Trays. Ideal for stews, pasta, curry, roasts or even dessert that is big enough for the whole family. Leftovers are no longer excess food, they are midnight snacks, road trip bites, memories waiting to be served. With x10 disposable trays in a packet, this is the perfect road trip essential. Your culinary journey has only just begun, and oh, what a delicious journey it is.

10. Obsessed with Cleanliness?

The Megamaster Triple Action Grid Cleaner is the right tool for the job. The 3-in-1 designincludes a nylon bristle head, wire bristles scrubbing pad and sponge pad foroptimum cleaning. Now, you are a champion against grime. A cleaner grid, and more time on your hands for adventure.


It's time to ignite the spark of adventure within you! 

With Megamaster, you're not just making meals, you're creating memories.  Ignite your braai and let the sizzling sounds take you on a culinary journey. Savour every moment, every bite, and every laugh shared around your Megamaster braai. It is the time to embrace the outdoors, enjoy the company of loved ones, and make your gatherings more memorable.  

Don't just cook. Create with Megamaster - your passport to new adventures!