Get together this Heritage Day to make a delicious South African traditional one pot meal over the flames. We have the perfect recipe right here.


In honour of Heritage Day, Megamaster has brought together ingredients from our eleven official South African cultures and created the ultimate one-pot recipe. Why? Because together, we make South African tradition even better!

Heritage Day or Braai Day?

Whether you celebrate Heritage Day or Braai Day, you’ll find they go better together with a potjie.

On the 24th of September every year, South Africans celebrate our rich heritage and many diverse cultures. One element of our shared tradition that almost all of us agree on, is that the braai is a big part of who we are.

It’s about more than just food. It’s about spending time together with the people who make your life better.

Because of this many South Africans have started referring to national Heritage Day as “National Braai Day”. Others feel that it’s a day to embrace every part of our diverse culture, not just the braai.

Eleven Cultures in One Pot

You’d be amazed how well our traditional foods go together when you mix them with love and passion.

Instead of creating eleven different meals for Heritage Day, we decided to bring all our cultures together in one pot, over one fire.

Inspired by our diverse culture and our united love for good food, our Braai Master created a potjie that we hope every South African will be able to say carries something from their home.

This delicious legacy meal brings together vegetables, oxtail, and prawns and balances them with the perfect complement of spices and herbs.

Click on the link to find the full Heritage Day Recipe.