As you move up the ranks of braaimastery, you start to experiment a little more. You start to become a little more adventurous with your gas braai recipes. And you start to expect more from your equipment.

When Megamaster set out to create the most versatile braai ever, we kept all of this in mind. Essentially, we aimed to produce an all-in-one braai that could serve as a mega outdoor kitchen. The result? The new Apex Series 6 Burner Gourmet Plus Patio Gas Braai With Searing Side Burner.

The name is a mouthful, but so are its features. Whether you want to sear, sauté, smoke, fry, bake or braai in the “old-fashioned” way, this beauty can do it all. What’s more, it can do it all at the same time!

The Secret Is the Gourmet Plus Cooking System

This ingenious, compact system comes complete with the 6 Burner Gourmet Plus Gas Braai, opening up a world of braai possibilities. Made of cast iron, it transfers and retains heat superbly, resulting in even cooking long after the burners are switched off.

Essentially, it consists of two cast iron plates that slot into each other. One plate combines sauté and griddle functions, while the other is a grid that slots in on top. The system takes up half your braai space, leaving you with ample area for traditional braaing (including a searing side burner with 15 000 BTUs heat output). So no matter who you’re inviting round for a braai – fussy eaters included – you can cater to all tastes and dietary requirements.

You’ll also be chuffed to hear there’s minimal cleanup required. We made sure it’s not only easy to cook on, but food doesn’t stick, and the plates are dishwasher friendly. No more rubbing an onion on the grid to try and get it clean before braaing.

Here are the four different methods you can try out on your Gourmet Plus Cooking System:

Gourmet Plus Gas Graai

Griddle or Sear

This method is very similar to cooking with a griddle pan – it gives you those tantalising sear marks without needing an open flame. Suitable for anything from burger patties and steaks to salmon and veggies. Unwanted fat naturally drains away thanks to the raised cast iron bars, but we’ve also added another nifty feature: a small hole in the corner that allows fat and juices to run onto the drip tray underneath.

Top Griddle Tip: You’re going to season your steak before placing it on the griddle, but don’t salt it too early. This will draw the juice out and you’ll end up burning it off, which will dry out your steak.

Gourmet Plus Gas Braai

Sauté or Panfry

Done griddling? Simply flip over the pan so the flat surface is on top and you’re ready to fry. The pan has a raised edge so juices, sauces and oil stay put while cooking. The world is your oyster here – braai an English breakfast for those British in-laws; make pancakes for Mother’s Day; or go for gold with goulash. Don’t forget you’ve still got all that space on the right side of your gas braai, so you can easily cook your meat while preparing a tasty mushroom sauce in your sauté pan too.

Top Sauté Tip: The flat pan gives you opportunities to create delicious sauces. We love charring onions on the braai and then dicing them up to sauté in a little olive oil until they caramelise.


There’s nothing like a perfectly smoked rack of ribs to please a crowd. The Gourmet Plus Cooking System lets you fill the flat sauté pan with wood chips (we recommend cherry flavour for a taste twist) and pop the grid on top. There are designated holes to keep the grid secure. Your ribs (or any other food) goes on top before you close the lid to begin smoking. If you’ve got a bit of extra time, soak your wood chips half an hour before you start braaing – this adds a deeper layer of flavour to your smoke and extends the burning time.

Top Smoking Tip: When smoking, keep the braai lid closed. This retains the smoke, which is essential for maximising on flavour. The Gourmet Plus Gas Braai features a built-in thermometer, so you never have to worry about losing a grip on the internal temperature.

Gourmet Plus Gas Braai

Indirect Braaing

This means you’re not braaing directly over the flames. On the Gourmet Plus, it’s a similar setup to the smoking method described above – flat pan on the bottom and grid on top – just without the wood chips. This method is ideal for foods that need lower heat and more time on the braai (think a whole chicken or oily fish). As with smoking, it’s best to keep the lid closed so that the heat is retained – very similar to oven cooking.

Top Indirect Braaing Tip: Catch juices and fat from the meat in your sauté pan and use it later for a gravy.

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NOTE: The product will be available to purchase online and in store from mid-October 2021.