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From small cozy nooks to larger living spaces, Megamaster offers a variety of Closed Combustion and Freestanding, Cast-iron and Built-in Fireplaces to suit your home style, living space and your budget to enjoy a lifetime of memories.

1. Coverage Area

All Megamaster fireplaces are purposely designed and built to deliver the effective heat output (kW) to cover and maintan heat in the required coverage area.Measure your required space: (L) x (W) = (Xm2). Note that double volumes do have an effect on your heat retention as the warm air will fill your open area.

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2. Heat Output

Fireplaces for 20 -60m2

All Fireplaces in this range: 

Fireplaces for 60 -80m2

All Fireplaces in this range: 

Fireplaces for 90 -150m2  


All Fireplaces in this range: 

Megamaster offers a variety of fireplaces and styles to meet your required coverage area. Like an air conditioner, selecting the wrong fireplace will result in you not experiencing the full benefits and heat output required to heat your area, and therefore will not be a good investment.


Some of the most energy-efficient fireplaces are closed combustion cast iron and closed combustion steel fireplaces. Both work well, but they distribute heat differently.

A closed combustion cast iron fireplace produces radiant heat. This means that the entire fireplace heats up and then distributes heat in all directions (mainly through the front due to the glass and vents). This radiant heat increases the temperature of everything in the room. Wood, fabrics and so on – everything in the room will heat up by one or two degrees. If you have a standard, one-storey house with standard ceilings, a closed combustion cast iron fireplace could be the right choice for you.

A closed combustion steel fireplace, like those in the Bosca range, distributes heat from the front. Where you see the flames, you’ll feel the heat. Steel fireplaces give out a more direct type of heat. If you have a smaller living space, these steel fireplace units may be for you as they can be installed closer to wooden furniture, leather couches, indoor plants, and so on.



Do you want to admire your fireplace next to your flatscreen TV, or do you want it crackling away close to where you are sitting? Deciding on the position of your fireplace is the very first step in the fireplace installation process.

Professional Installation

 We have a comprehensive list of independent installers per region, who are familiar with all our Megamaster Products to ensure hassle free installation. You can also checkout our Expert's guide to installing a fireplace for more detailed information.