Who doesn’t love to give a thoughtful gift that you know your loved one will go crazy for? Sometimes though, it is a bit difficult to find what they will love. We’ve compiled a few gifts for the people in your circle, and some ideas on a budget.

Secret santa

A popular one with big families or for the office Christmas party. We suggest having each person answer a series of questions, so you have an idea of a gift that will be a showstopper. Remember to decide beforehand how much you will spend on a gift as a group.

  • What is your preferred way of braaiing; wood or gas?
  • What is your favourite sauce?
  • Beef or chicken?
  • Which Jan Braai spice is your go-to?

Gifts on a budget

Gifts on a budget Gifts on budget

Gifts on budget


Gift voucher

For the moms, dads, and grandparents out there – this is a great idea to club together and buy one big present. Something that they really need, we’re talking a brand new Coalsmith Series Alpha Smoker, or Deluxe Patio Braai.

A little too expensive? Our Heritage Series Crossover range or Anchor Family Braai is just as efficient. The aim is togetherness, not how big the present is.


For something a little more sentimental, put together a special braai kit for your loved one. Pick a theme, and fill it up from there with braai accessories, spices, and sauces.

Large braai roaster and tong


Charlie Grill & Smoker

Classic 570 Charcoal Braai