8 Favourite Road Trip Recipes

Embarking on a long road trip and worried about the monotonous and unexciting meals that you might have to consume? Ever found yourself at a loss for what exactly to pack for a road trip that's both satisfying and convenient? Fear not! 

We've got you covered with an array of simple, delicious, and easy-to-prepare meal ideas that are perfect for your journey.  

Envision yourself relishing a succulent homemade mince vetkoek, or a bursting-with-flavour smoked chicken mayo braai broodjie while you take in the stunning scenery on the move.! The thought itself is delicious. 

What makes these meal options even more appealing is that they are not just incredibly tasty but also much healthier and far more cost-effective than the typical, often greasy, fast food you might tend to grab on route. Plus, preparing and enjoying these meals adds an extra spark to your journey, making it more enjoyable and memorable.  

 We invite you to check out these mouth-watering road trip recipes and start packing up your cooler. Get ready to hit the open road armed with great food that's sure to make your journey even more special and memorable. It's time to redefine road trip meals and create memories with every mile you cover! 

Don’t have time to scroll click on the quick links to our 8 favourite road trip recipes:

Baking powder bread. 

Jan Braai Smoked Chicken Mayo braai broodjie. 

Smoked Beef Ribs with Coffee rub. 

Braaied mushroom skewers. 

Jalapeno mince vetkoek. 

Bertus Basson’s Chicken wings. 

Stephanie Baartman’s Chicken sosatie wrap. 

Chocolate Filled Puffed pastry jaffle. 


Baking powder bread

Are you tired of paying for overpriced bread on your road trip? Say goodbye to that problem! Bake your own fresh bread using our Baking Powder bread recipe. It's simple, quick, and super fun! 

Not only does this save you money, but it also guarantees a healthier option as you control the ingredients. Plus, the smell of fresh bread in your car is unbeatable!  

Try our Baking Powder bread recipe today and taste the difference! Own your journey in every way. 


Jan Braai Smoked Chicken Mayo braai broodjie.

Jazz up your holiday road trip meals! 

Introducing Jan Braai's Smoked Chicken Mayo Braai Broodjie recipe. Simple yet delicious! 

Imagine succulent smoked chicken, creamy mayo, and fresh, crusty bread coming together in a chorus of flavours – yum!  

And it's not just about taste. This recipe is quick and easy to prepare, perfect for on-the-go meals. 


Smoked Beef Ribs with Coffee rub.

Ever had those road trip munchies with no satisfying snack in sight? Imagine biting into juicy, smoked beef ribs with a unique coffee rub on your next journey.  

Simply prepare an extra batch for dinner the night before, and voila - you have a mouthwatering travel snack!  

Besides the absolutely divine taste, these ribs also give you a protein punch to keep your energy levels high.  

Packed in a neat container, with a packet of wipes on hand. Will prevent making a mess in your car. 


Braaied mushroom skewers

Savor the delectable taste of our braaied mushroom skewers! Perfectly cooked, these bite-sized delights offer an irresistible blend of smoky aroma and earthy flavour.  

Our skewers are not just your ordinary snack. Eat them hot off the braai or enjoy them cold, they never lose their mouthwatering taste. This distinct feature gives them an edge over other quick bites.  

Being both delicious and nutritious, they're the ultimate road trip companion. Snack smart, stay fit, and make your journey as enjoyable as the destination itself. Prepare those skewers today because healthy eating has never been this enjoyable!


Jalapeno mince vetkoek

Perfectly spiced, warmly comforting, and utterly delicious, this is the ideal companion for your road trip cravings. Hungry tummies beware - Jalapeno mince vetkoek is here to conquer! 

With every bite, savour the tang of jalapenos combined with a hearty mince in soft, fluffy vetkoek. It's not just a snack, it's an experience!


Bertus Basson’s Chicken wings

These are super tasty treats, packed with protein to keep you energized on your journey. Plus, they're oh-so-easy to make!  

With Bertus Basson, every road trip can be a culinary adventure.  

Ready for the ride of your life?  Try this recipe and start your adventure today! 


Stephanie Baartman’s Chicken Sosatie Wrap

Let's spice things up a notch.  

Picture this: Chicken sosaties, marinated in zesty lime and chilli, transformed into succulent wraps. We add a dollop of guacamole and salsa for the perfect bite!  

Give these easy-to-eat chicken wraps a go. Trust us, your taste buds will thank you. 


Chocolate Filled Puffed pastry jaffle

Imagine biting into a warm, chocolate-filled puff pastry jaffle.  

 Our recipe is here to rescue you! Just take our ready-made pastry, fill it with your favorite chocolate, close the jaffle maker, and voila! The ideal on-the-go treat.  

 Plus, it's not just a delicious snack. It's a fun, easy-to-make activity for the whole family. Nothing says holiday road trip better than a chocolate jaffle! 



With our wide selection of easy-to-make recipes, you'll whip up the perfect travel snacks in no time!  

Amp up the fun by making these nutritious and delicious snacks together. It's not just about the destination, even the journey - especially the food prep - can be memorable too.  

 Sink your teeth into savoury vetkoek or sweet treats. Our recipes will keep hunger at bay while fuelling your adventure.  

Bon voyage and bon appétit!