Face it, we’re not all blessed with musically inclined friends who can, at the drop of a hat, create a sick beat with lyrics out of thin air. Don’t worry if your squad is a tad tone deaf, there’s hope in the form of good music. In this article, without telling you what to listen to, we share the essential Megamaster Party Playlist pointers.

BTW: Who’s to judge if you have too much Ariana Grande and not enough Tupac.

Take Turns

Power up the speakers, connect with the Bluetooth (or an aux cable) and allow everyone to share their favourite tracks. A good mix can spark some interesting conversation. Sometimes a hilarious debate can entertain everyone. But, when two people like the same song it’s an instant connection.

Music creates the whole vibe. Not only that, guests will feel more comfortable with the pressure off to fill any silence with awkward conversation. The extroverts among you might even show off their moves. Seriously, it’s science.

Top Tip: Don’t let someone hog the speakers. 30 minutes per person (depending on the size of your get-together) should be plenty.

Faves Never Fade

Apps like Spotify are your secret weapon. Especially since they create playlists that cater to specific moods. Anything from an 80s extravaganza to a laidback jazz affair, they’ve got you covered.

If you like more control over your track selection, Google some classic hits, compile your playlist manually (circa 2005, using mp3 files burned to a CD) and create a playlist using those. They’re called ‘classics’ for a reason. At least some guests will recognise a song which could trigger some other favourites. Who knows, maybe all you need is some Toto’s Africa to set the mood.

Never Forget: Is it even a party without Mandoza’s ‘Nkalakatha’? #Treffer #RIP

Theme it Up

Everyone loves a themed party, amirite? As fun as they are, finding the right jams for these events can be a tad tricky if you haven’t got an encyclopaedic knowledge of popular music. Should you go fully tropical at a Hawaiian beach party for example? The answer is yes. Kind of. You can get away with throwing in a few island-inspired tracks, but make sure you’ve got enough popular hits to balance it out. Always go at least 50/50, for every Rihanna banger there is a Sam Smith solo.

Dress Up: Keep it fun but steer clear of appropriating.

The Clean-Up Soundtrack

No one likes cleaning up, but have you ever tried doing the dishes while the music is pumping? Better yet, make use of the last few stragglers still hanging around the house after your braai and have yourselves an afterparty in the kitchen.

Grand Finale: Ballads work best when scrubbing pans, especially those of the Mariah Carey variety.