New Year’s Eve is synonymous with being surrounded by friends and family. However, if you want your end-of-year bash to stand out from the rest, it’s going to take a little bit of creativity and planning to meet your expectations.

So, if your idea of throwing an exceptional party is simply putting a patterned serviette on the table, then we’re here to help you put in that extra effort. 

Set the Scene

By adding a theme to your event, you’re separating it from any other party or gathering you’ve hosted. Whether you choose a colour, a country or even a movie, you can add little anecdotes into your decorations, food and music. Even if you don’t want to make a big deal of your New Year’s Eve party, setting a theme for your event is just a way to add an aspect of fun to the party.


Make a signature cocktail

If you’re planning an event around a day-time braai, why not create your own, refreshing drink to mark the occasion. Even if you are always the designated braai host, having your own cocktail will separate this party from the rest.

Find a punch bowl or decanter to serve the drinks. You can even decorate it with fresh and frozen berries or throw some fresh mint leaves or lemon grass to the mix. Remember, if you’re planning on adding alcohol to the mix, don’t make it strong at all as you want people to enjoy the night.

Show off with Food

It’s not hard to find an easy-to-do, showstopper dish for the braai. In fact, we have a host of delicious recipes on our website that will surely send your guests palates soaring.

Alternatively, consider turning the event into your own (Mega) ‘Master Chef’ competition – Each guest must prepare something spectacular that can be shared with everyone and the winner can get a prize. You can even add restrictions to accommodate other guest’s dietary requirements, like no nuts or gluten.

Spend the Night

Although its illegal, drinking and driving is a reality we face on a daily basis – and with the ‘gees’ associated with New Year’s Eve, it’s better to be safe. So, if you have the space or know of a spot to rent out, keep your party numbers small and have your guests spend the night (did someone say sleepover!). Plan a delicious breakfast for the next day and kick-off 2018 with all of your favourite people.

Alternatively, ensure that your guests are utilising app-based or other taxi services on the night so that they get home safely.