Hier kom die Bokke!

From Cheslin that’s so fast that he answers missed calls, to beating the ‘white kant’. This weekend we are definitely braaiing Kiwi steaks!

As a nation the responsibility is on us to prep for the finals, we’ve got the game plan all you need is the fire and the GEES!

Introducing our 15-man recipe squad:

HAANdre Pollard Sosaties

Give ordinary sosaties the boot with this HAANdre Pollard Sosaties. We guarantee that it is always a 10! Bursting with flavour this recipe is great when you need to whip up something quickly, or if you're looking for an easy dish to prep for the big match. 

Faf de VLERK

This Faf de VLERK recipe is a true hero, stick a South African flag on it and it is legendary! Tender white meat, a little spice and cheese sauce for that added golden flair

Manie RIBbok

Kick it out of the park with this Manie RIBbok Smoked Beef Rib. With the delicious coffee rub, we can guarantee that these ribs will fly off the table. The coffee grounds also help to tenderise meat, making your steak softer and locking in moisture.

Eben EGGzebeth

Lock  in this recipe for Sunday morning's victory breakfast. The Eben EGGzebeth  Omelette will beat any ordinary breakfast, it looks delicious and taste even better. 

CHEESElin Kolbe Braaibroodjiie

Stop the debate on the perfect braaibroodjie by charging down with this CHEESElin Kolbe Braaibroodje. The fastest way to put a smile on every guest's face.

dWYN Vermeulen Sauce

Still serving steak without a delicious dWYN Vermeulen Sauce? Then you are definitely late to the tackle. Bring sophistication to the game with this veteran recipe. 

FafTERT de Klerk

So nice, we had to list him twice. This is the tert everyone’s going to Faf about. Box-kick it out of the park with our mouthwatering FafTERT recipe.

Marvin OREO Brownies

People will lineout for these decadent Marvin Oreo Brownies. Delicious fudge brownies that is simple, easy and will get the crowd roaring! 

CHILLI le Roux Prawn Skewers

You can always count on theses Chillie le Roux Prawn Skewers to be a great assist to any main meal. This starter or snack will ensure you score high every time.

Franco MosTERT

Tackle South Africas three favourite desserts to create the legendary Franco MosTERT. This combination of trifle, malva and melkTERT will ensure  every bowl gets cleaned. 

Steven KitsTJOP

Nothing beats a PROPerly braaied tjoppie. Our Steven KitsTJOPS are the bomb, and will dominate at every braai. With an added garlic bread recipe to complement your braaied tjops, this is one of the most loved meals in South Africa. 

Ox Ncho

Because salads don’t win scrums. 

Just a delicious NCHO recipe.

Jasper Wiele

What would a South African braai gathering be without a wheel of boerewors? Make a line break  from the same old boerewors with this Jasper Wiele recipe, the butternut relish will score bonus points with your braai crow. 

Kurt-BRIE Arendse

Try out our highest scoring starter. This Kurt-Brie made in our Quarter Potjie is the speediest way to impress all your guests. Step the regular cheese board and add this to your snack menu. 

Evan ROOSterkoek

Cook up a Storm with this homemade Evan ROOSTERKOEK. Flavoured with Caramelised onions and drenched in an indulgent garlic and herb butter. Best eaten piping hot, straight off the grid! 

You'll definitely want to forward these recipe to the rest of the family.