Bullnose Regulator and Hose

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The Megamaster Bullnose Regulator and Hose regulates pressure coming out of the cylinder and matches it to the pressure required by the appliance. Can be used on any

gas cylinder from a 9 Kg - 48 Kg that is fitted with a Bullnose valve. Includes a one m hose and brackets.

 Bullnose Regulator:

  • Fits cylinders with Bullnose valve (9 kg to 48kg)
  • Includes hose and clamps

Camping Regulator:

  • Fits cylinders with Camping valve (3 kg to 5kg)
  • Includes hose

LEAD TIME:  ± 5 Business Days

28.5cm W x 33cm D x 5.5cm H

Bullnose Regulator and Hose:  6009665587936
Camping Regulator and Hose:  6009665587950