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Black Friday

 Get ready to kick-off the hottest shopping date of the year with Megamaster!

For one day only, you can get your hands on high quality products and an even better price – Now that’s a luxury that should be taken advantage of. Whether it’s online or in-store, finding a bargain deal can be music to your ears – not to mention getting a head start of Christmas shopping!

The Countdown Begins

So, we can’t dish all the information, because where’s the fun in that? However, we can certainly tell you what you can look forward to – a little bit of pre-planning for your shopping day can definitely improve your odds of getting your hands on what you want.

We’ll be going Black Friday crazy on our website – and just because you’re a loyal customer, we’ll dish the scoop on our upcoming specials.

Built-in Rotisserie Kit – retail price R799. Black Friday price R599
Aluminium Pot – retail price R1199.00. Black Friday price R649.00
Bushveld Boma – retail price R699. Black Friday price R399.00!
1000 Standard Braai – retail price R6499.00. Black Friday price R3699!

Visit our Black Friday Sale page by following this link

In addition to our own specials, many of our retailers will be having massive sales of their own, including:

Builders Warehouse

However, in this digital age, the online shop powerhouses will also be getting involved in the Black Friday fun. So, be sure to keep your eye on these websites:

Whether you’re looking for a built-in unit, accessories or you want to get all of your Christmas shopping done in one swoop, the time is coming!

What is Black Friday?

Although not an official holiday, Black Friday always falls the day after Thanksgiving and is a long weekend for Americans. For decades, it’s been considered the start of the Christmas shopping season, as people can get their hands on incredible products for a fraction of the cost, ticking off their list of names one by one.

Synonymous with chaotic video footage of customers frantically breaking down doors to get into stores, during the early 2000’s, retailers put preventative measures in place and started to extend the specials over several days. Although this lowered the popularity of the holiday, it reduced the amount of physical injuries people would sustain.

It’s only been in the last three years that Black Friday has been making an impact in South Africa. From convenience store retailers to leading clothing brands, consumers are eagerly waiting for their chance to reap the rewards – and this year will be no different.

Stay in the Loop

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See you on the shopping floor!

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